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The Star Tarot of Dreams

The only figure in the card is the lady pouring light unto a large body of water on planet earth.

As I entered the card I asked if it was ok to become the lady star. She smiled! as if so say No problem.

when I ' became " her I was in awe she feels everything i think she gives up so she can also feel hope. The emotion I felt most was Hope she really wanted for the light she as pouring to reach someone.

She was talking to the vassels and she said "I hope they wake up " then she said ' we have some hope to bring" and the vessales said " we have thanks to give". I also just noticed there is a captial " C" on one vassel and a captial "M" on another.

I was staring at a candle and I asked her to pour some light on my candle she said " I already did"

I also got the feeling she was not on solid footing but she also did not need it .

I think she needs us to feel hope for all of our sake.

I want to write more but i think if I do it will be forcing this and I do not want that a lot of this card is about initiation not in the same way as the high priestess but in a different way i am just not sure what to make of some of this.
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