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Originally Posted by rachelcat
I'm guess I'm still getting used to the idea that he's gone. Up til now I've been more focused on helping out my mom and making sure she's ok. Now I guess I have to deal with my own feeling about it. I'm not sad. I guess I just feel a little bad about taking him for granted all this time, but I know he understood. He was just such a laid back, sweet person. That's why I love him! Well, one of the reasons.

I'm glad this is coming out in my studies. I also felt a little guilty about not dwelling on it very much in my daily life, but I see that it's there, so that's good.
((((Rachelcat))))) It sounds to me that you are processing your grief just the way your dad would have liked. At your own pace, and taking care of yourself and mom. Don't feel guilt, just feel the love and give love.
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