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RWS 5 of Swords

Imagine you are a figure on the card, are you standing, sitting, or lying down?

Iím standing.

What are you holding?

With my right, I clutch at my orange cloak, and with my left, it rests atop of my lower abdomen. I hold it firmly there as if I need it to breath. Iím glad I have my hands occupied since I feel a bit nervous. To have them rest in this manner helps to steady me.

What gesture are you making?

None that anyone will take notice. I donít want them to see my fear, however little.

How do you feel?

Winded, a bit lightheaded to tell you the truth, and still a little shocked.

What is the relationship with the other beings or things in the card?

I know one person is in front of me. I can see him. Another person is in back of me, and I can feel his eyes upon me. Personally they have become the inanimate. I only take an interest in the nature before me. The movement of the water. The light as it plays upon it. The entrancing manner on which the colors shift from violet to crystal blue. The sound as it rushes by. I can feel the wind move through me with its clouds up ahead. My perspective changes with the changing sky, I feel as if Iím being absorbed by it all.

Is there something that you want or need?

Iíd like to have a place to sit, perhaps get closer to the water.

What are you going to do next?

I turn to look at the ground, my feet firmly planted upon it. Turning to my right, I will walk a ways, looking, every so often, to the water on my left. I will follow it as far as I can, home.

Well I really did feel lightheaded especially when I looked at the water and sky. Very peaceful feeling, like a lull. I could hear the water rushing by and it was calming. Nothing seemed to matter except the moment. The other people became background, secondary. The background (nature) took center stage because it allowed me to place my focus from ďthemĒ to my own inner sense of truth.
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