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Originally Posted by purple_scorp
Interestingly, cutting etheric cords is also an exercise that may cause another person to contact you to reconnect.

Funny enough, I went to a seminar at the weekend where we did a cutting cord exercise. Before we did the visualisation part, the presenter asked that we turn off all mobile phones because it has been his experience that when he has lead this exercise before, that all of a sudden, mobile phones start ringing everywhere as the people that are being cut, feel the disconnection and immediately try to contact you to reconnect.

And, it happened to me. I switched on my mobile phone on the next break to find a txt msg from a person I had visualised during the cutting cord exercise.

with love

OH WOW - thats amazing...

I always wondered if I cord 'cut' if there would be 'negative' ramifications - rather than what happened with the phone and 'reconenctions' thank you fr sharing that!

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