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21 ways to read a tarot card - Step 15

Step 15 - Dialogs

I decided to dialog with the large hooded figure in my card, I feel I want to know more about him.

Q – Why are you so large compared to the other figures on the card?
A – Because I am very important
Q – Why do you say that?
A – Well for a start you can see everyone else’s features and mine are hidden, so I must be important!!
Q – Why do you think your features are hidden beneath your cloak?
A – So people can’t judge me on looks alone, they have to look beyond the obvious.
Q – Do you think people misunderstand what you stand for?
A – Yes, because I make them think and sometimes they just want a quick fix.
Q – Are you a good person or not?
A – Depends which way you choose to perceive me, but I think I am more good than bad, but I have my moments!!
Q – Are you here to help the couple getting married?
A – Yes, I am conducting the marriage service.
Q – What do you think we can learn from the couple?
A – If we can move beyond the obvious differences then we can find common ground and build on that.
Q – In your opinion do people give up too easily once a problem occurs?
A – Yes, in this modern age, people don’t talk enough, things are left unsaid and then before you know what’s happened it’s too late.
Q – So, you think that talking over problems is important?
A – Communication of all types is important, you have so many forms of it nowadays, texting, email, telephones, mobile phones, yet so many people choose to stay silent, when a little effort is all it would take.
Q – Ok, that a good point, can you tell me what is the importance of all the pairs are in your card?
A – It shows that everything has its opposite, whether its gender, colour or whatever and our acceptance of those differences.
Q – Is that cupid above your head, shooting his arrow.
A – Well, maybe, maybe not. You will have to carry on your studies to learn the true meanings of some of the symbols on my card, as I said looks can be deceiving and things are not always are they first seem.
Q – What would you like to teach me?
A – There are a lot of lessons in life for you to learn and I am far to busy to teach you, as long as you stay open-minded and think before you act or re-act you will do just fine, you will learn as you go along.

I quite enjoyed this little chat it was enlightening. I think it just confirms everything that has been brought up in the previous steps, that its important to look beyond the immediate issue, I choose that person for good and bad points so because a hiccup occurs we shouldn’t automatically give up. As said before I do tend to bottle things up and not talk until its reaches boiling point and this is something I am trying to change, but that easier said than done. After this step I had to research my hooded figure and its turns out to be The Hermit!!

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