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On the fence...

I'm really undecided about whether it enhances my experience of these cards, or corrupts it, to compare the Osho Zen majors to their RWS counterparts.

Is the "Existence" card intended to be a response to, or answer to, The Magician, or is it just totally unrelated? Or is it a restatement of the energy of the card in modern terms?

As has been observed many times already in the thread on this particular card, the Magician is all about trickery and illusion on a certain level. I for one also think the Magician is all about power. But he's also an "entry level" trump, and in the game he is low on the totem pole.

Does this card mean that all of existence is trickery, an illusion, created by our mind, maya, as well?

I don't know what to think.

This is probably good for me.
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