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I realise I'm in a minority here because modern Western Astrology is dominated by psychologists rather than traditional Astrologers. There is a perception that every new Astronomical body must have some Astrological significance, when there is no (astrological) theoretical reason to support that view.

Astrology managed well for three thousand years or so without Pluto.

Astrologers only adopted Pluto because Astronomers had discovered it and (wrongly) classified it as a planet. In Western Europe and America Astrology was at that time only just coming back from virtual extinction, so the practising Astrologers had no full understanding of the origins and foundation of the craft.

Vedic Astrologers chose (quite rightly) to ignore it, as they had an unbroken tradition which kept them in touch with the foundations of Astrology.

There is a sound and explicit reason why Mars rules Scorpio and absolutely no sound reason why Pluto has anything at all to do with Scorpio. Indeed the Astrologers who felt that they had to do something about Pluto nearly made it ruler of Aries.
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