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Originally Posted by Minderwiz
Please give me a sound Astrological reason why Pluto is the ruler, or even associated with Scorpio (other than by defining it so)
Good morning, hope that everyone has had a good and productive weekend.

Here's the thing:

Here in the States the term "Agree to disagree" means just that. In other words, that statement in itself is a testament that I respect your right to hold your view, and I recognize that there is no point in debating it further. Your opinion is unmoved, as is mine. So for us to go back and forth about Pluto, as I am sure many Astrologers have over the past 70+ years is pointless. To you be unto your way, and to me be mine.

However, my original post was not in effort to convince the Astrological community of the influence of Pluto. Rather I was just replying to the individual whom started the thread and had a question about what others thought about Pluto's use. I'm not in the habit of replying to posters in order to prove what I know, or to convince anyone of thinking how I think. I recognize that not everyone practices or even interprets Astrology in the same manner or with the same logic, and that has always been fine with me. Im not one of those OCD type Astrologers where everything has to be MY WAY. It simply doesn't work like that.

So with that said, I hope that the original poster has found that answers that he/she seeks.


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