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The problem with the 'alphabet' approach is that it greatly oversimplifies and therefore misleads. For a beginner it might be acceptable for a time, as long as it is remembered that Scorpio does Not equal Pluto or the eighth house. But if it is taken as 'gospel' it cuts the learner off from the power of Astrological method and progress is never made beyond the rudimentary.

Signs modify the way that planets express themselves (according to a tropical view). They are passive circumstances not actors in the horoscope - Dave quite rightly points out that Aries cannot express anger but Mars might. According to tradition different planets act more to their potential in some signs and struggle to express themselves in others. In some ways its a little analogous to the 'going' in horse races - some horses do well in soft going others need the going to be firm.

Astrologers have used 'rulership' in at least two distinct ways. One way is by affinity - planets rule activities and things that they have some of the same characteristics. Thus Mars rules surgery and accidents. However this rulership by affinity was never extended to Sign rulership.

Sign rulership is based on the zodiac circle (from a 2D perspective). The lights are given the Summer solstice and adjoining sign - the Moon gets Cancer and the Sun Leo (remember this was developed in the Northern hemisphere). Thus the brightest heavenly bodies get the warmest time of year.

That leaves 10 signs and 5 planets remaining, so each remaining planet gets rulership of two signs. As the planet furthest from the Sun (as far as the ancients knew) Saturn got the signs furthest away from the Sun and Moon - Aquarius and Capricorn. Rulership of the remaining signs was assigned in chaldean order for each pair of signs moving clockwise and anticlockwise from Capricorn and Aquarius. Thus Jupiter gets Sagittarius and Pisces, Mars gets Scorpio and Aries, Venus gets Libra and Taurus and Mercury gets Virgo and Gemini.

Now, if you change the system to allow, say Pluto to rule Scorpio on the basis of affinity, you also undermine the basis for the remaining Sign rulerships and everything is up for grabs. You could even argue for asteroids as sign rulers, and I have seen that argued.

I don't see any reason why Neptune and Uranus can't be used as affinity rulers, and even Pluto if you really must but try not to confuse the two types of rulership. Otherwise one of the building blocks of Astrology has been lost.
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