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Originally Posted by Minderwiz
The problem with the 'alphabet' approach is that it greatly oversimplifies and therefore misleads. For a beginner it might be acceptable for a time, as long as it is remembered that Scorpio does Not equal Pluto or the eighth house. But if it is taken as 'gospel' it cuts the learner off from the power of Astrological method and progress is never made beyond the rudimentary.
Well yes. But it is useful in the same ways that looking in books and memorizing keywords is useful when learning Tarot, at the right time and at the right place, and as a foundation for learning other, more difficult things. Of course you will find yourself in trouble if you never go beyond the Kindergarten stage. That goes for learning how to read when you are a little kid too.

But there is something to say about doing the beginner stuff when you are a beginner, or even when you realize that you never put a foundation under what you were learning in the first place if you really are not a beginner.

I'm looking up book meanings for every Tarot card as they come up for the first time this time around. There have been quite a few surprises. I'm having Oh WOW I didn't think of that moments almost every time I get a new card. I'm keeping an organized journal this time around, so I know when it is a new card. And do you know what is interesting? I'm beginning to be able to read the cards without doing an looking up, even when it is a new one. I've begun to build Tarot foundations and the first few floors are now going up and looking solid instead of shaky.

And like it or not, the sign does have something in common with the planet that rules it, and with the house it would occupy if Aries was on the Ascendant. No, they aren't the same thing, but the web site I was learning the Astrological Alphabet from made that very clear. And when I was doing those one keyword sentences, the fact that it would have all worked out better with more and better keywords was obvious.
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