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I've nothing against keywords, its a useful beginning and I hope I made that clear - the problem is that some Astrologers who should no better do talk as if Mars, Aries and the Ascendant were the same thing and that is wrong. One of the sad things about the domination of the psychological approach is a desire to simplify out much of the tradition and concentrate on what they regard as the essence. Astrology is complex and requires much more effort to learn than Tarot (and I enjoy Tarot, so don't take that as a slight on Tarot).

Yes you have to begin somewhere and keywords works but it might be better to look for different keywords for signs, planets and houses.

On rulerships I've given you the reason why the signs are allocated to planets. The ancients often talked about the Signs as the houses of the planets (not in the sense of horoscope houses). Mercury is in his own house in Virgo and like anyone who is in their own house he is comfortable and can within limits do much as he wants. He functions better in Virgo than he does in Pisces. Houses do take on some of the characteristics of their owners but only because of the ownership and one never confuses a house with its owner. Mercury does not rule Virgo because they have similar characteristics, Virgo has some Mercury characteristics because it is the house of Mercury. This may seem pedantic but it is an important point. If another planet is in Virgo then it owes rent to Mercury (in an Astrological sense) it is in someone else's house and must modify it's behaviour accordingly. It has to take on the fixtures and fittings, whether it likes them or not, which is one of the reasons why Jupiter doesn't particularly like Virgo. OK I've put that in a very anthropomorphic way but in essence it's something that holds true in a chart - in Astrological speak, Mercury disposits any planet in Virgo.

Now I know Dave would take a different line, in the sense that he often will dispense with signs altogether. I don't mind that even though it doesn't work for me but if you are going to use signs then you need to eventually begin to look at their role in the horoscope in a different way in which you approach planets and houses. Planets are the actors, signs are the roles they play and the houses are where they perform those roles.
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