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I remember using Keyword sentences. After awhile, I made my own lists for planets, houses, signs and aspects. What I soon realized was that there are benefits and distractions that don't always balance out.

For example, two keywords (for a planet and a house) tend to work quite well, but three keywords (for a planet, house and sign) starts to become more complex -- which you wouldn't expect. This is partly due to the difficulty in clearly distinguishing between the meanings of the planet and the sign because it all has to work in a sentence that is helpful. Also, the MC has a different meaning than the 10th house, while (as was noted by Minderwiz) the sign that one planet is in can modify its keywords differently than if another planet was in that sign.

Another example of keyword problems relates to the chart being used. Different charts have different purposes and need to be read in different ways. You can't apply "natal" chart meanings to secondary progressions, solar arc progressions, solar returns, lunar returns, mid-point structures, etc. They all have to be read differently. In order to get to that point, the student (or capable astrologer, if at the point you casually use these types of charts) does move beyond keywords to a position of "ease of understanding the concepts". It is hard to express this change-point, or the first of many of these change-points but it relates to not using astrology but by "being astrology" -- it becomes a comfortable inner thing that comes from doing a lot of charts and working with clients.

In short, do start with keywords but recognize that you will be moving quickly away from them if you get into more than natal astrology. Dave
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