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Dave's reference to the different types of charts reminded me that up to the eighteenth century Astrologers learned the craft by starting out with horary and event charts. Only when these were thoroughly mastered did the apprentice Astrologer move on to natal charts and eventually mundane charts.

Horary and event charts have very limited issues to analyse and the Astrologer only concentrates on one or two important significators, so the need to integrate is virtually absent. They are also quite useful for predictive work, often much better than natal charts, if prediction is related to a specific issue.

There's an interesting book by John Frawley on Sports Astrology looking at predicting the outcome of sports matches. Most of the work focuses on planets and their position in the horoscope rather than signs and it's a good way of learning that a planet's position determines the way in which it functions.

Sadly horary has largely fallen out of use, partly because of laws against fortune telling and partly because modern Astrologers are often more concerned with character and the mind rather than predicting external events when it comes to reading horoscopes. So there is a need to learn some techniques which have fallen out of use but it is worth the effort as these type of charts can usually be analysed quite quickly.
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