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Those other types of charts . . .

Dead on, Minderwiz. Natal charts require time and study beyond reasonableness in order to synthesize and understand all of the details. Other types of charts require you to focus on only specific factors, making it easier and quicker to get the answers you need. When I do predictive work on-line, many are amazed that I can post answers within a few minutes if I have the needed data at hand, even though I may cast 3 or 4 charts.

This is what I referred to earlier when I mentioned that you develop an "ease" about using the concepts of astrological practice. You know which tool to use and how to use it to go for only the information you need.

Because experience brings these "tools" to us, I have introduced in the Planet Series the concept of using "phase relationships" or cyclic understandings of the chart. This shortcut permits one to just glance at key combinations in a chart, without worrying about aspect details and other stuff, and just gather a "feel" of what that person is all about. Instead of studying a chart for an hour you can just glance at it for two minutes and then move on to doing one of these more focused types of charts to get an answer.

SIMPLICITY comes from knowing how to avoid tedious and complex steps that add more clutter then understanding. Dave
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