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I think I understand the moving beyond keywords pretty well for a couple of reasons. I'm in the process of doing that with the Tarot cards at the moment. And, I never did the memorizing keyword thing on my previous attempts at learning Tarot and Astrology.

This time I'm forcing myself to slow down, at least a little. It doesn't help that not only do I already know about a lot of intermediate and advanced things in both Tarot and Astrology, but I understand those things. But I did all of that, in both studies, in the past without a firm foundation.

Keywords do provide that foundation. It allows you to TALK about a card or a sign and not just "feel" what it means. Keywords let you begin to talk, much in the way describing a card gets your mouth moving.

As an example: I've got Saturn in Taurus in the 10th House. I know that Saturn is restriction, Taurus is a love of beauty and also practicality, and that the 10th house is duty. (Obviously in addition to a lot of other keywords and concepts, but this is a beginning.) So Saturn restricts my love of beauty, probably makes me even more practical than I would be otherwise (I have so much practicality that it might not be all that positive) and it is all tied up with what my duty is.

Having written that all out, I've just learned a lot more about that placement of Saturn than I ever really understood before.
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