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It could also mean that you should pursue a career (10th House) making designe(Taurus) plant pots (Saturn is the planet of containers).

You can't make such a judgment (or the one you made ) without some specific point in mind and without some reference to your underlying personality/character (classically, your temperament).

Remember planets act (and Saturn could well be concerned with restriction orz containment, it could also be a teacher or father or old age Which of these Saturn represents in your chart depends on the issue you are exploring.

Taurus in not just beauty (or even beauty) it could be craftsmanship, practical design, earthiness, melancholic tendencies. Again how it modifies Saturn depends largely on the circumstances under consideration and what functions Saturn plays in your chart.

Yes this makes analysing natal charts more challenging. That's one of the reasons why the classic Astrologer tended to concentrate on particular areas of life when looking at a natal chart, rather than trying to integrate the chart as a whole (a feature of modern psychological Astrology). Thus given your temperament I might analyse your career choices in terms of the 10th house, it's ruler planets in it and aspects to them. career also involves earning power (second house) and possible partners or competitors (seventh house) - the analysis will spread out but still focus on one area of life - career.

Start with some issue in mind - some aspect of your life that you want to analyse and start to examine the planets in context. Ask yourself which planets are relevant and why, begin to examine how they are going to act in this context and how they are modified by the signs. Key words can help here but in the context of a clear focus. You will learn much from a practical application.
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