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21 ways step 18

The Hermit

I am standing on the path looking out over the valley. My wolf Argon is standing beside me. His heat I feel through my robes. I feel his alertness and ask him what he sees. Argon tells me that the path is clear, no dangers ahead. My left hand holds my staff, I feel its power. The rough edges feel safe and strong. It weight is just right to use, though sometimes I wish it was a broom stick to carry me aloft and fast. My bones do get a bit tired you see. I hold up my lantern. Though it sheds no light I see far into the darkness. I see the wisps of love, the waves of anger and the sparks of hatred. It shows the way alright. Sometimes I wish it would just show harmony and peace – no such luck me thinks. I can feel some hatred over the way. I see an old lady making some coffee; her eyes alight with envy, hatred and pain. Yes I will go to her and see if I can help. I better get Argon to change form to a dog, wouldn’t want the woman to get the jitters, bad enough I’m coming; they usually think its death a knocking. After I finished with them, some of them wish it had been. Mind you, they all thank me in the end, nothing like a bit of insight to get the juices flowing.

This was a lot different than the embodiment. I felt a need for a bit of humour ( I tried, lol). But it made the Hermit a bit more alive, friendly and better to know.

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