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Earlier posting: ...the problem is that some Astrologers who should know better do talk as if Mars, Aries and the Ascendant were the same thing
Agreed! I might also add that I have come across those who 'assess' a chart primarily via the occupied/unoccupied Signs - their element. I can't agree with this because the only CERTAIN thing about astrology is the Planets! I think an 'assessment' of the planetry aspects - midpoints & whatever else - should preceed their Sign environments.

It could also mean that you should pursue a career (10th House) making designer (Taurus) plant pots (Saturn is (also) the planet of containers).
And actually the whole of this post you made.... Applause!

There is ONE further fly-in-the-ointment though. Much depends on the House system you use, or don't use. I am aware that in the end an Astrologer & their Chosen System will work. But just 'cos one working method or House system has been written about, it doesn't mean that it's set in stone or even traditional!

Start with some issue in mind...
Very good sound advice.

Cheers, Bee.
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