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Originally Posted by Free Spirit
There are lots of things to look at in this card.
There the egg hanging from a piece of wire I think.
Egg means procreation, new life. Also infinity, because its shape has no beginning and no end. In ancient time, the egg was a symbol of fertility and rebirth.
Originally Posted by Free Spirit
She has got one blue eye and one red eye.
It looks like those 3-D glasses that you would wear when you go and see a 3D movie, LOL.

Green is the colour of spring, freshness, new growth, fetility, nature, freedom, joy, hope and resurrection. Compounded of blue and yellow, green is the mystic colour, the link between the natural and supernatural. Green signifies abundance, prosperity and stability

Red is the most aggressive colour, symbolises blood, anger, fire, passion, wounds, war, slaughter, danger, threat, revolution, strenght, anarchy, martyrdom, courage and health and virility.
Originally Posted by Free Spirit
I'm not sure what the necklace is meant to represent.
Looks like an eclipse to me, or at least the sun in the background, and the moon in the foreground of the necklace.
Originally Posted by Free Spirit
This Fey looks thoroughly fed up.
I wouldn't say fed up, I would say daydreaming, or off in a world in her own.
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