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Originally Posted by memries
Rcb you said the red/green eye reminds you of 3D glasses. That remark led me to think that with 3D glasses you see things another way so you have two ways of seeing. The 3D adds dimension and depth to the color and shadows and perspective of the pictures. Really I have convinced myself now that it is another reason one eye is red and one green. She sees things differently than us.

Good point you made, what do you think ?
Yeah, I agree with that. I think that it indicates that she is able to see things in a more in depth way, some of us might see something as just black and white, with no shades of grey allowed, others might see it just from their own point of view. If that is the case, then maybe this Fey is able to see the varying shades of grey, as well as being able to see things from not just her's, but other's, point of view.

Which makes me think that we know of four dimensions, but there is a fifth dimension, apparently, maybe that indicates that she is able to see this fifth dimension, which others may not be able to do so.
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