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Hi! I am still in too...

I will talk about the mystical "white rose" on the skeleton's banner which
shows that this is a period of "pure love" that is poured forth by those
that witness the (possibly final) ending of their beloved friend, spouse, child,
or relative. It is said that the five points or petals on the rose stands for
our five senses.

The skeleton, to me, is the same as the planet "Saturn" and has a lesson for
all of us. There is no escape from this lesson (skeleton or the grim reaper).

I think the Death card says that we must die to self in order to be born again
into a new person. (the seed goes into the ground to sprout anew...another day).

ETA: want to add that "physical death" allows us to enter the Spirit World (again)
and to wait as a Spirit until we will continue on our cycle and possibly be born again...
...and on and on... until we fulfill our "complete cycle" of our learning (experiences) mission.

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