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Talking Good Morning Ladies!!!

Sorry it took so long to post they didn't release us until around 11 last night.
After 40 hours of hard labor young Charles Parker Symes was born at 1816 (6:16pm) Dec. 12 weighing in at 7 pounds and 12 ounces and 20.5 inches long!

SO the first 24 hours went really slow, then they put me on antibiotics and sleep aids for exhaustion. Note for future: NEVER let them give you morphine when you are in labor, it does nothing for the pain except take away your ability to deal with it!!! I did get some sleep but was waking up with every contraction. Had developed bad stomach gas along with it. At 4 am on the 12 they gave me plytocin(?) (this is after trying the Caulophyllum at the 12 hour mark) I finally got around 6 that had some wonderful advice. She had a similar body type to mine. At this time i was only a good 4 centimeters dilated and had been that way for hours. She watched me then told me to get on the ball and roll through the contractions. Apparently I was also tensing my shoulders during contractions which according to her doesn't allow him to drop and engage. Where was she the day before?!!! I progressed rapidly over the next 3 and a half hours I progressed to 8 then stalled again!!!! I was stuck there for the next several hours. And Exhausted. By this time I had turned epidural about 3-4 times. Between 10 and 11 the midwives called the Dr. in. They thought the baby might be too big and we would have to do a c-section. So he checked me and as it turns out he had to break the water again and part of the problem was that my bladder was incredibly full!! They then informed me that i could take the epidural and try for natural birth one more time and if it didn't work c-section. Or I could refuse the pain meds again and I'd get a Spinal something (don't remember exactly what he said) and c-section. I relented on the pain meds. Those kicked in and no pain. I slept, and didn't even feel the contractions. I did still feel the urge to push when i came time though, just absolutely no pain, and I was back to my cheerful if tired self. I even cracked a joke between pushes. Maybe I am crazy. So after about 2 hour of pushing We delivered a healthy baby boy. And he is wonderful! I will post some pictures as soon as I can. My family was wonderfully supportive through the whole thing; but thats another story. LOL. I will admit that today... I feel like I got hit by a semi. Well we are going to the Rime' Center this morning as they are having a baby blessing (its a Tibetan Buddhist Temple that Daniel has been feeling the need to go to)

As for astrology Daniels ex ran his charts. He has a Grand cross. And yes the moon was amazing and from what I heard it was Jupiter that entered Capricorn which hasn't happened since I believe the Revolutionary War. Its pretty amazing. Well take care and I will talk to everyone later.
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