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Tom Tom!

He is surely one of my favourites from this deck. The courts are so expressionate and have such personality, unlike a lot of decks. I just finished another thread, where somebody asked about Courts to meditate over, and I suggested this pack.

I see a lot of myself in Tom Tom and I see others in my life. It is funny how sometimes, I can only see a certain person in him and not see myself. Then, on another day ... I do see the warning in him as well, so in that sence, he is not the naughty boy, but the friend that is keeping an eye out for me. Did you ever have a friend like that? The naughty one that helped you out of trouble? That's Tom Tom for me ... I know the boundries though!!!!!

These cards are certainly underrated. I don't think that people give them enough of a chance as they see them as flat and not connected so much with the historical associations of tarot.

I love them.

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