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Hi everyone! Just checking in.

I am having a ball with the Four Elements. After the Sacred Days of Yule reading was done, I've just been playing around with the cards. I feel like I maybe shouldn't have dived right into that reading without getting to know my deck more first, so now I'm not doing readings with it, just playing around and soaking the imagery in. I still haven't cracked open the book, so for now I'm focussing entirely on what the deck is sparking in my intuition. I will eventually see what the book author has to say, but for now its just me and the cards.

I will eventually settle down and do some serious study. I have never used a deck with nonillustrated minors, so this whole thing is a bit of a change. I'm finding that as I work with this deck, my tastes in other decks are changing also. (I'm finding I like decks with very concrete pictures far less than I used to. I want my intuition to be free free free!) I've been going through some old decks with the intention of selling them. After working with the Four Elements, some of my other decks just seemed so...restrictive. (The Buckland Romani comes to mind instantly.) I don't know if its because I'm working with a deck with nonillustrated minors, or because I'm finally settling down to study just one deck, but some of the decks I thought I liked before I just...don't now. Huh.

Anyway, more later. So far I've been having a blast!
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