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You are right, Mann.

I have got him propped up infront of my monitor as I type. As I was waiting for the page to refresh, he looked up at me - those little eye-lashes twinkling. He has got that 'don't hit me' look; 'don't mess up this pretty little face', 'you know it would hurt you more than me', 'you don't really think that I did it ... do you?".

There is something about that face that makes you want to forgive him straight away. I think that is the key to this card - don't let that innocent face fool you because in the end, it will be the spikes you begin to feel because Tom Tom will be off - WITH ALL YOUR TOYS!!!

I am so enjoying reading this deck daily, Mann. I never managed to get to grips with it at first. I had waited so long for it to arrive (it got delayed about twice) and when I opened the pack, I absolutely ravished it. As much as I continued to look at it though, and enjoy the art, I couldn't get inside it. Now, I feel like a door has opened.

Just a question - somebody (maybe Hedera) said that you use this as your main deck. Is that for personal readings or for others? If you read for others do you read generally - for example, 'This is The Knight of Swords, be careful etc etc' or do you go into the whole Phantasmagoric World and say 'This is Tom Tom, he steals from others in the Air Sword Labyrinth so be careful of those pretty boy eyes'. I just wondered because as much the latter is more appealing for me, i cannot imagine reading in this way for some people. Maybe a different deck is better for them. With a deck this intense, I think that to not read in the Phantasmagoric World would be a disservice to the cards and the characters that live within them.

Thanks for contributing. Are there many other Phantasmagoric readers on the boards? I wonder, because I feel a tad lonely in my discoveries. LOL.

Best wishes

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