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Originally Posted by Faolainn Storm
Otherwise this is going to turn into a IDS all about choosing a deck to IDS with.


PS: Sorry for such a long post. I need to vent my frustrations with this process, before I take it out on the decks and just throw them all away .
LOL. I sympathize with this. When I first tried to do the IDS, I spent ages trying to choose a deck...and when I finally did, I got bored within a week. At the time, I thought I would overcome the things that annoyed me about the deck, but within a few days I realised that I couldn't and had to ditch it.

I've now been IDSing for the last 3 weeks with the Halloween tarot. I haven't touched my other decks, and I'm still looking into ways to get rid of them (either sell or giveaway).

I'm quite surprised that I'm not actually missing them. I do struggle with the Halloween sometimes, but I haven't felt the urge to switch. I did however have a dream the other night about the RWS. Now under 'normal' circumstances I would have taken that to mean that I should use it - but not this time. Nope. I refuse to give in.

I did add some new threads to the Halloween study group, but they were lost in the forum crash. I've still got them on my blog, but I'm kinda wavering about posting them again for public scrutiny...I'm a bit shy about these things!
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