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I've been journaling, too. I started with The Fool and by this morning I was up to The Chariot. It's been going pretty well. I find that there's more to say than I think there will be when I first start out writing. I'm going to keep on, I hope, until I finish the Majors. I really like 2_Journey's idea:
I decided not to write about what I saw in the card's symbolism and how it spoke to me (my usual form of journalling about a specific card), but rather to write a memoir-ish journal entry about a time in my life that I think really embodied the Fool.
And I think I'll try some creative journaling too, since it gets pretty dry otherwise.

Then I think what I'll do is try to rearrange my system of understanding them, which has already undergone some changes since I began this round. Then I think I'll work through the Minors, starting with the Aces, then the 2's etc.

I've cut down on the readings I've been doing for myself, but I like Thorhammer's daily spread that she recently posted in the Spreads forum, so I'll give that a try.

I've been doing the Reading Circles, too. I find that really helps me to focus.

Best wishes to you all.
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