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Originally Posted by 2_Journey
Last night I started with the Fool, and decided to journal about the card in a creative way. I decided not to write about what I saw in the card's symbolism and how it spoke to me (my usual form of journalling about a specific card), but rather to write a memoir-ish journal entry about a time in my life that I think really embodied the Fool. I might go back over my journal entry and flesh it out a bit, and then write about what in the card speaks to me about that particular time in my life and the energies of the Fool card.
The journalling I did with my first IDS ended up something like this. I started with dry details of the card's symbolism, and ended up writing a speech in the voice of the card - as if the character was talking directly to me and telling me what he/she wanted me to know about the card and its meaning. The results were incredibly insightful and I came to understand those cards so much better. They truly spoke.
This is what I intend to with my next deck, when I have *FINALLY* found the right one. (I think I know, but I'm still in the process of confirming it as the right choice .)

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