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Originally Posted by 2_Journey
Right now I am learning a valuable lesson about allowing myself to take my time with the cards and allowing my study to go at its own pace. Lately, I haven't been reading much with my deck, just playing around, getting to know the language the deck speaks and how it speaks to me. Nothing major, just feeling out the cards.
I think I need to take this approach too!

At the moment it's a bit too heavy-going for me. I've been trying to journal about a different card every day - this started off well, but it's becoming a bit of a chore. And when that happens, it's not fun anymore . But at the same time, I don't want to lose the momentum by taking a breather - it then feels like I'm not making progress.

Just need to relax I think...

I've also hit a stumbling block with those damnable court cards! Got the Queen of Ghosts on Tuesday, but I just couldn't get a feeling for the card. I think the courts are the weakest aspect of my deck - they're too RWS-like (except the Pages) and also very expressionless. Makes it difficult to get anything out of them.

Maybe I'll just pass them by for now...
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