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As Part Three starts . . .

Originally Posted by rwcarter
I'll add you to the list, but this weekend IDS Pt 3 will come into being.
I have decided to make a choice to not divide my attention between two deck and focus just one one. I like the ITGD but I am more certain that the Liber T is my main focus now.

When you start the part three thread change my deck to the Liber T.

I am going to again work on studying the deck and posting in the Study Group forum about what I learn.

I am going to keep my PDR blog going but that will be the more meditative and reflective work.

I feel that this may be a full year activity and work through many different activities and programs and I felt like I was cheating on the ITGD when I would work with the Liber T I hate when decks get jealous!

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