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Originally Posted by Scion
The Liber T won't let you down.
Scion, do you do a search on "Liber T" just to see who's talking about it?

I haven't seen you around here for ages! How's the Liber T book coming?

Oh, on topic.

I haven't been studying Shining Tribe/Woman much, mostly because I hurt my hand trying to shuffle, shuffle, shuffle my Vieville into submission.
However, today I had a break, and I spent time just looking at the cards. There is some amazing imagery in the deck, in spite of the amateurish art. Or should I say "non art".

I also realized that I must read the blasted book, because I'm not going to pull stuff out of the cards on my own. I must be intuitionally-challenged - and I want to know what Rachel meant about this or that in the cards. I also realized that I prefer Shining Woman to Shining Tribe, as well... but it would be nice to have the handful of changed cards in the ST available in SW.
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