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No. I hope everyone is getting the same video that I am. Her name is Dalah Nyx Ostara and she talks about using your guides and her guides, shuffles the Fairy Ring Oracle, fans them out and picks three cards. Then she shuffles another deck, fans it out and picks three more cards. They are animals cards-she mentions two of them. Whale and Scorpion. The card backs look shiny and perhaps oversized. Overall the deck looks borderless, except for a white band at the bottom which must say the animal name or meaning. At first I thought it might be the Hawaiian Oracle, but the white border and backs are not right. The back seems rather ornate. This is really puzzling me because I have been looking under tarot and oracles and can't find anything like it. Yet, I have a strange feeling it is right in front of my face. We know it isn't Medicine Cards, or anything Druid. Druids didn't do Whales and Scorpions! So, who did and what deck can it be? The backs and fronts also do not match Animals Divine, either.

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