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The building seems to be her castle, for which she has fought. It represents her hopes and dreams and memories, a place of solace, and she is looking out in case someone or something tries to take even this away from her. I often think of a story that I created when I first saw a Queen of Swords; her husband the king is the General and has led his army to war, her children the Knight and Knave are in the ranks, and risking their lives, and she is in charge of the castle, which is also under attack, so she wields a sword just like a man (it was a medieval deck). Yet as well as having to fight evil like her men, she is burdened with the pain of their absence and probable immenent death. She is a woman of dignity and honour, as well as deep passion and grief - she is the Queen of Sorrows because of the depth of her feelings, and has put up barriers to enable herself to carry on with what has to be done.
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