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30/12 6 of Wands (Fingerpin/Ludwig)

I like this card in that the receiver of the accolades is not shown high above the adoring crowd, but nearly at level with King Ludwig, a bigwig in his own right. The wands look like flowers in a vase, and the whole scene has an intimate look to it. I watched "Monty Python: Live at Aspen" on Sun., and the troupe had gathered all on one stage (if you count Graham Chapman's "ashes") for the first time in 18 years in order to receive an award. Such is the 3+3 nature of entertainer to fan- fans want to express their appreciation, and entertainers want to be reassured that their work is valued. The nature of the Six victory seems to be one not just of being good at something, but at winning the attention, hearts and praise of others with one's talent by bringing it to the community and enriching them with it. (Much like Graham gifting us with this deck).

Graham's booklet says: "Fingerpin the ringmaster has appeared. Another successful show in the Fire Wand Circus has ended, and Ludwig the King arrives to award Fingerpin with a trophy, congratulating him on another outstanding performance.
Divinitory Meaning: The Six of Wands represents recognition, accomplishment, and impressive achievements.
Reverse Meaning: Self-importance, pretense."
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