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Greer (2006) 21 Ways - Step 15

Step 15 – Dialogs
7/The Chariot

• 15.1.1 – Dialog with the Charioteer:
• Me (M): What are you doing here?
• Charioteer (C): What do you mean?
• M: Why are you here…instead of in the city?
• C: Oh, because I’m supposed to be out here.
• M: Why?
• C: Lots of reasons such as meeting people like you and also warding off attackers.
• M: Your chariot looks really nice, but it’s kind of showy. How does that work for you?
• C: Well, it’s a symbol of my power and that either impresses visitors or scares off enemies.
• M: A pretty chariot does that?
• C: Well no, the sphinxes do that. It’s no easy thing to get these creatures to work with you.
• M: “With you”?
• C: Yes, you never own them. So you work with them or they destroy you.
• M: How so?
• C: Well, they’re very different. One is quite energetic and passionate, but can run the chariot in every conceivable direction at once. The other one is more cool and collected, but has a power that drives it in one direction only. However if you don’t want to go in that direction, then it can be rough. So I had to learn to work with them both at the same time in a way that is respectful of their individual strengths and gifts so I can make the most of what they have to offer.
• M: So is one better than the other? In Plato’s Republic, the passionate one isn’t good at all and the reasoning one is the beast you prefer. It’s like the passionate one is a creature you have to have versus choose to have on your team of horses.
• C: Not in my case, they’re both important and needed. They’re different, but no one is better than the other.
• M: How did you learn to do this?
• C: See this amulet? The secret is right in here.
• M: What’s the secret?
• C: Wouldn’t you like to know! I can’t tell you because then it wouldn’t be a secret anymore and – more importantly – my secret isn’t your secret. You have to find your own and treasure it.

• 15.1.1 – Dialog with the Black Sphinx:
• Me (M): So what do you do?
• Black Sphinx (BS): I’m the collected one. I think things through and put my sights on an enemy leader. It is written in a wisdom book, “Strike the shepherd and the sheep will scatter” (Zechariah 13.7b). Sounds like a great plan to me.
• M: How do you do that, go right after what you want?
• BS: I don’t sway to the right or the left. I run like the wind with the force of massive back draft, drenching my enemies in an unexpected onslaught of fire that is as swift as a tornado.
• M: You say that in a matter-of-fact tone.
• White Sphinx (WS): Of course he does! He says I run around like a chicken with its head cut off! I’ve just learned the trick of going around, under, and behind my enemies…
• BS: [to WS] My way is best, you just don’t understand. [Back to M] Of course, why get worked up about it? It’s only logical to do so. When you want to get something done, lay out a plan and take the direct route. This is my contribution to the team.

• 15.1.1 – Dialog with the White Sphinx:
• Me (M): How do you differ from your partner?
• White Sphinx (WS): I’m all heart while he’s head.
• M: He’s the head and you’re…?
• WS: Yes, he is a “he” and I am a “she.” I have to heart for the two of us…
• BS: And I have to have the brains for the two of us!
• WS: You be sweet! [BS looks chastened] Of course before the Charioteer we didn’t get along and fought all the time.
• M: Really?
• WS: Oh yes, couldn’t stand him in any way…stand to be near him, stand to have him live, and stand to be without him.
• M: Sounds complicated.
• WS: It was.
• BS: While “Mr. Battering Ram” here goes head on, I’m more indirect but no less powerful. I can give as good as he gets, I just do it different. But now we both do even better than both our powers added together.
• M: What they’re multiplied together?
• BS: No, squared. Even better than multiplied.
• WS: That’s because the Charioteer discovered the secret for balance and inner purity for him. It won’t work for you I’m afraid.
• M: Why?
• WS & BS together: Because you’re *you*!

• 15.1.1 – Dialog with the chariot:
• Chariot (C): Ha-hmm! Excuse me!
• Me (M): I beg your pardon?
• C: When are you going to talk to me?
• M: Should I?
• C: It’d be rude not to!
• M: Oh…and what do you do?
• C: I’m the least acknowledged but most important piece…well, in a sense.
• M: Why is that?
• C: I hold it all together! These two wouldn’t ever get along without the Charioteer and he couldn’t be with both of them at the same time without something to stand on. Further, none of them could get anywhere without an apparatus to bring them all together like me. I hide in plain sight, so don’t forget me! I’m that part you ignore that is essential to you moving forward…or anywhere for that matter. Don’t forget me !
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