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Cool bring back plutos right to rule

by they i take it you mean astronomers - that is a different subject altogeather from astrology.
we as astrologers should not let the astronomical world dictate to us what we can and cannot class as a planet.
I noticed someone here has said that if you use pluto in an astrology chart there should be a good reason to do so - why???

A long time ago astrology and astronomy where pretty much the same subject, but both have gone off in there own directions and have become totally different subjects in their own right. Its important not to mix the two subjects up though. Some astrologers rely more on astronomy than others - which is fine - but you have to wonder whether you are getting an astronomy chart/reading rather than an astrological one.

If you choose to use pluto in a chart is up to the individual - i personally have always used it and will continue to do so no matter what is said about it.
Its the energies that these orbs represent that matter when constructing a chart and not whether they have official planet status or not.

Alot of people only associate pluto with having negative attributes and fail to see that it also has a beautiful calm side also.

for me it will always be the official ruler of scorpio.

Its such a shame that there are a number of old books that have been reprinted now, that once upon a time had astrological associations of pluto in them and in the reprints these associations are now been blanked out - depriving the reader the choice of whether to use them or not.

Whether you choose to use pluto or not is entirely your choice.

blessed be

crystal dawn
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