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Pluto and others

Pluto is currently defined as a "Dwarf Planet". We should recognize that there are other dwarf planets. Let's consider them and their relative size compared to our Moon's diameter.

** ERIS is the largest, about 75% of the Moon's diameter.
** PLUTO is about 68% the size of the Moon. As far away as it is, it is far closer than the other dwarf's except for Ceres.
** MAKEMAKE is about 43% the size of the Moon.
** HAUMEA is 33% the size of the Moon.
** CERES is 28% the size of the Moon and is the closest of all by a considerable amount, being found in the Asteroid belt. The others are in the Kupier belt or further out in space. Ceres also represents about a third of the total mass of all of the asteroids and is spherical with a rock core and ice surface.

So, does distance or size make a difference? If Asteroids have significance, then why wouldn't these far larger bodies have significance. Are their positions in space as separate bodies more important than some of the planet's moons which are larger than than the smaller dwarf planets? It is difficult to say which to use, how to use it, as far as astrology goes. Dave
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