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Originally Posted by sapienza
I am finding this thread so interesting.

The beauty of it for me is the symetry and the system.

Finally, thanks to Fudugazi for the very interesting posts on Mythology.
Agreed on all counts, hahah!

I've read that Pluto relates to Scorpio because the Scorpio is unchanging, unwavering and very focused. Pluto changes sign every 21 YEARS, compared to the very changeable Moon which changes sign every 2.5 DAYS. But ... I find it easier to talk a Scorpio into a beautiful dress than to try and convince a Taurus-afflicted Gemini to leave a boring Broadway show. Would not Pluto's un-changeability better pertain to Taurus then? Taurus is the more stubborn.

Or even Cancer. According to the FBI website, Cancers are usually known for being mostly passion killers. They kill multiple times and they leave some kind of markings on their victims' bodies to distinguish themselves. Scorpio is 4th last in the statistics. The mythology of the crab is an individual who fights Hercules with a cancerian contempt of death, the earliest kamikaze, or a bee which stings an enemy sacrificing its sting and its own life as a result. As posted before, Pluto is connected to death, but would not Cancer be more fitting for Pluto?

Here's the source if anyone's interested:

Finally, as for Pluto's status as a planet .. The Sun and Moon aren't, astronomically speaking, planets. But if we remove those two, would not two of astrology's most important planets disappear?

I hope I don't come off too aggressive. I'd like to know what people think.
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