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Originally Posted by merissa_88
Thanks PathWalker!

I am looking forward to the first lessons and getting the books. It sounds like some of the lessons are linked to the seasons.
Hiya, just in from a great walk in autumnal woods Are you in the same seasons as here in UK?

Anyway, yes the book "The Arthurian Tarot Course" has a set of weekly lessons, that may take a year - but are taking me much longer LOL

The first five lessons are not seasonally related - you just do them first whatever time of year it is. After that you begin with whichever season is about to begin - so "Winter" begins on the winter solstice, so you could jump in there if you whipped through the first 5 lesson section.
But if you took much longer with the first five lessons, which is fine, then you could start with the spring section.

The year keeps turning round, so you can step on whenever you're ready
We'll see you in lesson one when you've got the books, great to talk to you
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