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Vision Quest - Nine of Water

Description: There is a waterfall with several plateaus of water. Beside the waterfall are nine large water containers. On the last plateau of water you can see a woman with her back to us. There is a large tree to one side of the waterfall.

Significant Details: While there is no direct sunlight, there is definitely light, it is obviously daytime. The water is signifying the continuance of life.

My Interpretation: You will be experiencing great joy and happiness. You want to share your happiness with the world. You are thankful for life’s pleasures. You have more energy.

I feel pleased, relaxed. I can sit back and enjoy life’s pleasures. Even though I only see the back of the woman, I can tell that she is enjoying herself, taking pleasure in the freedom she has to bathe.

The 9 (Joy) gives me a sense of joy after enduring the 8 (Stagnation). Maybe all of the green (growth) is showing us how we have grown emotionally after dealing with the 7 (Excess) and 8 (Stagnation). We could not feel this happiness if we had not dealt with the other two. I also feel that the red, giving us strength, shows us that we are stronger than we had been while dealing with the 7 and 8.
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