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Numerology Reference: 9 - Fruition, Attainment, Bringing Things to a Conclusion

Keywords*: Joy, upsurge of power, exuberance, thankfulness, great receptivity and freedom, experiencing happiness and spreading it

Inner message*: Now you can show your unacknowledged love for yourself and others openly. Thus, the gate to a completely new life-style opens. Fully enjoy what comes to you. Moreover, be grateful for what you already have. The power of your natural, unfabricated joy rejuvenates your heart.

Outward manifestation*: The joy of simply being alive spreads itself in ever widening circles. No pushing on your part is needed. This is a great time to be creatiive. Let what is arising inside you take form. Genuine joy constantly breeds more joy, infecting all those you touch. So keep the inner channels open. Donít block them again with memories of your dead past!

First Impression: You have finally found happiness and joy, youíre now content where you are. The water is sparkling. Youíre dancing in the water, all the nine jugs are full of fresh water. Youíre taking care of the place where you currently reside.

My Interpretation: Read Soaring Eagleís interpretation.

*From the LWB
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