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Reception and Mutual Reception


This is where a planet is aspected by it's sign ruler. For example Venus in Cancer, sextiled by the Moon in Virgo. The Moon is said to receive Venus into Cancer and reception adds to a planet's strength, so Venus gains from the reception. This is not scored by Lilly or other writers but all agree that it is a positive sign, especially if Venus is a significator in the horary.. If Venus is peregrine then she has a supporter in the Moon and that her peregrine nature is diminished.

Reception by a malefic, will reduce it's effect for harm - thus Venus in Aries squared by Mars in Aquarius will not be as damaged as the same aspect with Venus in say Leo being squared by Mars.

Strictly speaking reception can be into any dignity. So Mars squaring Venus in Capricorn would create a reception into it's exaltation and the same would be true of Triplicity, Terms and Face. However I would only bother with reception into a sign or exaltation.

Mutual Reception

Reception requires an aspect between sign ruler and planet in sign and therefore this also strictly applies to a mutual reception. The mutual reception differs only that Planet A is in a dignity of Planet B and Planet B is in a dignity of Planet A Modern mutual reception only relates to planets in each others sign and doesn't seem to bother with an aspect. For example Venus in Sagittarius and Jupiter in Taurus.

In the tradition mutual receptions can involve any dignity but really Ruler, Exaltation or Triplicity are all that are likely to be important. Lilly does seem to believe that a mutual reception by sign is enough to secure a positive outcome, even without an aspect. however it is clear that he would prefer an aspect.

Mutual reception (especially with an aspect) stops a planet being peregrine. Programs such as solar fire will score a mutual reception as though the planet was in that dignity of it's own. Thus with the mutual reception above both Venus and Jupiter are given +5 for rulership. There's an argument that if the planets would otherwise have been peregrine a mutual reception cannot suddenly make them strong. I'm not so sure of this. Being peregrine is akin to being a traveller or foreigner, someone who, in that old legal phrase, has no fixed abode and doesn't know the local rules. I see a mutual reception as two such people who agree a house swap so that they can have their foreign trip but with a residence thrown in even if only a temporary one and has the other party a phone call away if help is needed. It might not be the same as your own home but it's a lot better than being in a 2 star hotel.

So treat a mutual reception as being advantageous to a significator. If the two significators in a romance question are in mutual reception, then they both attracted to each other and the romance will develop positively.
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