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Spiral, I've enjoyed each and every post and experience you've had with the angelite crystal. I wanted to add that this crystal is very calming and is also a help to anyone wanting to astral travel. I often use this crystal (and others) for that very purpose. It is also a healing crystal, so if you're ever not feeling well, be sure to carry this crystal with you! I love this crystal myself. be careful not to get your angelite wet though, as it is a soft stone and cannot take the water. It is the perfect stone for opening your 3rd eye.

healing wise, its great for circulation, throat (esp. thyroid) issues, and headaches and I'm sure more, but these are the 3 things I recall reaching for my angelite to help me with.

Originally Posted by DownwardSpiral View Post
This was just a really weird day.
My daughter had called(my cellphone) and hung up before I could I called her back but she didn't pick up. I put my phone in my shirtpocket (with the earpiece connected but not in my ear) and continued working. Within the hour (I don't remember who called who) my daughter told me I had called her 18 times and she was scared because she could hear noise but I wasn't saying anything and she was afraid I couldn't talk. After we talked I went into the settings and made sure the auto-dial was turned off.

When I got home I called my friend and left 3 long messages. After about an hour I decided to leave one more....only after less than a minute the phone disconnected.....and then re-dialed his number. I think I tried 3 or 4 more times and the same thing kept happening. At first I thought it was my phone so I left a message saying maybe something was wrong with my phone.....then I thought maybe it was his phone so I left another message. (I thought maybe he had messed with his settings) He left me a message this morning saying he wasn't sure what had happened. When I called back...and left a message....everything was back to normal.

So I have no idea if this had anything to do with my angelite but this was just weird.
could be. Whenever I have spirits/angels/my guides trying to communicate with me, anything electrical--and especially the phones and our tvs will act up. When I do psychic medium readings and conduct the weekly psychic circles, our phone would go out. I had the phone company at my house every week trying to fix the issue a few years ago. They would always remark, "I don't know why YOUR house has such problems! No one else on this street seems to." Well, I did know why--as it only happened when I gave a psychic medium reading or had a circle, but I was not about to tell them---as I feared they'd begin charging me for the visits. When we moved back into our home here a few mos. ago, we decided against getting a land phone for that very reason and only use our cell phones--but still have issues with mine-and it's brand new.

Originally Posted by DownwardSpiral View Post
I'll start this off by saying every night I put the angelite in my pillowcase and ask that it help connect me to the angels in my dreams and that I can recall those dreams.

This morning is the first dream I remember having this angels. I was dreaming that someone (I think it was my friend) was holding my glasses and wanted to clean them for me. I can remember water running from a faucet and this person wanting to hold my glasses under the running water. I told this person to please be very careful as I was afraid the left lense would pop out (as it occasionally does in real life) LOL of all things to dream about.
first of all, running water in a dream can indicate that you are becoming enlightened. water is a huge spiritual symbol and so, I would think that is what this dream is about. I'd further go and say perhaps because your friend was going to clean your glasses in this water that you may begin to 'see' your angels soon--so be prepared!

also, it's quite cool that you've seen so many 11's. it is a spiritual number, as you found out. I'm looking forward to your continuing posts here, this thread is great! thank you for sharing your experiences, and like LP has said, it is inspiring. I need to spend more time with my crystals too and I think I begin to do so again today.

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