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Well Spiral, more interesting posts. Working now must go by fast for you with all these angels following you! and, it sure makes for an interesting work day, eh?

As for the things not working properly--though the connection says it is, this happens here to us all the time. I think our issues are due to me and my connections to the spirit world--as that is when it's the strongest, when I'm doing readings. You'll probably notice that as well for you--or when there is an angel trying to tell you something--so be prepared for this to continue!

Originally Posted by Lotus Padma View Post
The funny thing about the phone call was I had already put my pendant of Super 7 on - it enhances telepathy lol!
I would love to hear more about this Super 7 pendant! what exactly is it?

In regard to your dream, it just struck me because I remember being on the beach with my brother who is now passed away. He was very wise. I was beachcombing and found a piece of seaglass shaped like a lens from glasses, and when he saw it, he said, oh, it's a sign that you aren't looking at things properly...that you can't see what is going on. That's why I commented
oooh, wow! he was a wise man!

Good thing CelticN told you not to actually put the crystal in water! But you can cleanse it in the sun or the moon...

I have read all your subsequent posts, and I have to say, it sounds like you have a very intense connection going with the angels! That's so amazing! Also, in regard to phones and connections and things like that not working, it doesn't surprise me in the least - in this house, I have had all kinds of things happen - all to do with light switches, cables, radios etc unplugging themselves, turning themselves on by themselves, all the rest of it. I have often heard that spirits work through lights, because they borrow the energy to manifest from the connections. Or that it is easier for them to manifest that way, by borrowing the energy. Or, that if you work with Archangel Michael, that he manifests through anything to do with light or fire, and wires carry enough energy to start fires...
yep. me too! I have a very difficult time changing lightbulbs because the new bulbs often pop and break when I go to screw them into the lamp. It drives the hubby nuts--and esp. when he takes a new lightbulb then from the same pack as I did and has no issues! I'm not a brute--quite the opposite. Also turning on lamps I often pop bulbs. not always--but enough that we should consider taking stock in GE lightbulb company.

TVs, radios, too--here turn on and off by themselves or won't turn on at all when I push the button. I often cannot watch tv for that reason, because no matter how many times I push the button, it will NOT turn on. and yes, you are right, spirits will draw their energy from lights, tvs, computers, clocks, anything electrical and even batteries--cameras too! Also running water. When I hold the psychic circles or do a medium reading for a client, I will often sit close to the bathroom or kitchen and have the water running - at least a trickle, as it helps to bring them through.

I have to get myself some angelite! lol! As to seeing 11's - that's you and me both, the number won't leave me alone! And now my husband is seeing it al the time too ;p

Can't wait for your next post!
same here! I'm really enjoing this thread spiral.

Originally Posted by Pam O View Post
For anyone who might not know, according to Judy Hall's Crystal Bible (1st volume) pg 60, "Angelite is formed from Celestite (see pg 96) that has been compressed over millions of years, and it shares many qualities with that stone."

I made Angelite earrings with the specific goal: to be able to easily "hear" intuitively what my angels want me to know easily. Also "hearing" is associated with the throat chakra since that too is associated with "hearing" what is being said...
no, I didn't realize this. thank you Pam!
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