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last nights dream.....

When I started working with this crystal one of the things I asked was for it to help connect me to the angels in my sleep and to help me remember those dreams.

Last night I realised that maybe I needed to let it know my intentions everytime I put it in my pillowcase (ok I am a beginner LOL ) So I held it in my hands and asked for its help as written above.

Then I had a disturbing dream but will share for insight. Sorry if this offends anyone and LOL I'm not sure how I'm going to write this but here goes.......

In my dream I was looking at a pamphlet. This pamphlet told a little bit about the life of this girl and services she was offering. There were also some pictures of this girl included in the pamphlet. In my dream I knew this real life I have no idea who she is. I wasn't reading what was written but was looking at the pictures. Two of them I remember pretty clearly.

In the first one she was standing and the picture was a side view. She was wearing a long skirt and long sleeves. Her hair was pulled back and covered with some sort of knit cap.

In the second one she was sitting in a chair....facing forward. Her hair was down, she was wearing short sleeves and a short skirt. The skirt was pulled up and she wasn't wearing any panties. I could see everything. I was suprised as well as shocked that she would even put that picture in the pamphlet.

This was taking place at some event because I remember her walking around socializing with people.

So two very different sides of her.

The second picture makes me think of "baring" the soul....or that there is no hiding the truth as everything is exposed...nothing is/can be hidden.

One thing I realised was that this dream was in color. My dreams are usually muted??? and white.

This dream is off the wall but I did ask to be connected to the angels soooo....any thoughts?
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