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today....more weirdness, more 11's

This morning before I left for work I told myself I was going to avoid looking at numbers as much as possible today.

Well the 11's came through anyway. Two of them I'll share here.....

The first 11...I was waiting at the light when a car made a right hand turn in my direction. The last two numbers on the license plate were 11. What makes this so interesting is this is the same intersection I saw my first 11 yesterday. And the name of the streets? California and Lincoln. Some of you know I'm working on going back to CA. And Lincoln is the name of a street that runs right through the city I'm from.

And then this Supervisor walked up to me(with a printout) and told me the computer got my mileage but it was too high. LOL Not only was this 11 highlighted...he was drawing circles around it as he was talking to me. OMG!!!!!

Ok the weirdness......well last night I had my cell phone near me and the earpiece was plugged into it. My son was in the next room screaming his head off at the X Box. So this morning my friend tells me my phone called him at least 20 times. My phone had finally shut itself off..the battery was so low. The phone wouldn't even stay on for me. Anyway my friend keeps his phone my phone left him all kinds of messages and he's the type to listen to ALL the messages. So let's just say we are no longer talking to each other.
And more weirdness......he told me to take him off speed dial (he isn't on it) and then not too much later another guy starts singing "Rikki don't lose that number" (Steely Dan) LOL and he busted out singing this at least 3 times. (he had no idea about the conversation)

I was missing a whole block of letters. (these should have been in the middle of the tray/in between two other blocks)

And then on the way home a young guy was standing on the street corner shouting and this is what I heard......"Your eternity depends on this"

Anyway today I decided I'm going to do a meditation with my Angelite and ask the Angels and then my guides to each show me a sign to look for when I need to pay attention and/or to show me I'm on the right path.
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