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a quick update....

This crystal is keeping me busy.....

All this talk about light bulbs....last night?/this morning? my son told me the bathroom light went out. At the time I was sleeping so this morning I went to turn on the light and remembered what he said. LOL I had to ask him if he actually told me or if I was dreaming. He did tell me and said when it went out he saw a big blue flash.

Last night before I went to bed I was lying on my bed and had shut my eyes. All of a sudden I could see the bright light and what looked like wings spread out. 3 or 4 times I tried focusing my eyes (with my eyes shut) and still the wings were there. I don't know if when people see Angels if the Angels actually have wings? Or would they present themselves the way we perceive them?

Before putting the Angelite in my pillow case I asked it to help connect me to the Angels and then I asked a very specific question. I remember dreaming but at this point I don't recall what about. Unfortunately when I woke up I was too upset and focused on my friend.

This crystal is also for calming so I held it in my hand and asked it to help me be calm and focused and then I put it in my pocket. I actually did start calming down (which for me isn't always easy when that video plays over and over in my head) Within 10-15 minutes my friend called. He very calmly said a few things and we hung up. So right now I'm feeling very calm...and this despite the fact it's really hot in here. I had wanted to try some of the meditations this morning but was way too maybe in a little while.

Oh boy and I just checked my cell phone to see if I had voicemail because my friend just tried to call and I didn't pick up.....11:11 This is only the second time this week I've seen this number.

Just one more note for one outside of this forum knows I'm working with these crystals or of the events taking place(unless they are directly involved) Anyway this morning my son tells me that yesterday morning he kept hearing a creaking noise in the middle bedroom. He said it was like someone was standing in one spot and shifting their weight back and forth. He was in the back bedroom so he got up to go look. He showed me a point right before he got to the door....and said he heard a sigh. When he looked in the bedroom no one was there....he thought it was me. Then he realised I had already left. Then he said he thought to himself..."What a story to tell" LOL
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