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Originally Posted by DownwardSpiral View Post
Thanks for sharing this : ) It makes me think of this......

Although the message was for could be a message for you as well: )
Thanks for that, DownwardS! I hadn't seen it that way, but you may well be very right! I shall take it to heart - interestingly, I am also having some difficulty in my marriage right now - he is there for me but I am not connecting anymore ;p so perhaps I am being blinded by my own ego or apathy or something...not seeing properly.

I think I am going to get myself some angelite.

I wonder and marvel at all the experiences you are having with it - I LOVE reading your posts - and this thought struck me, what if you were just ready to see your guides and work with them, and the angelite was just incidental? Like, it gave you the doorway, or even excuse if you will, to begin identifying and working with them.

I am wondering that myself about the stones I am working with just now...

Please keep up your awesome and fascinating study and posts!

ETA: DS, I was just reading about Angelite in my crystal handbook, and it says that Angelite is excellent at opening communications, as it is associated with the throat chakra. I wonder if that has anything to do with it messing your cellphones...? After all, they are communication tools lol!
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