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Originally Posted by DownwardSpiral View Post
Actually I've been working with my guides and they love to tattle tale on me....214red has done a few readings for me and my guides pipe right in that I don't give them enough time.

This is the first time I've tried to contact the Angels.

As far as the stones your working with......I can say for me...the more I learn about spirit, the soul, etc...all this stuff...I'm sure you've read there's no such thing as coinscidence......anyway the more open I am everything just continues to fit together and the signs/messages come from everywhere.

As far as communication for this stone I hadn't mentioned this....(least I don't think) earlier in the week I got into it with my Supervisor for of all things talking to the person next to me. Then I think it was the next day my friend and I got into it...over something he said.
Also this past week I've been contacted/or ran into people I haven't talked to in awhile.

And I have to say....these posts.....this is all true......nothing has been exaggerated....I've had to take continuous notes all week so much has been going on with this crystal. And if anyone doesn't believe all this....LOL I wouldn't blame you. This has been a crazy week.
Oh! Lol, sorry, I meant angels, not guides.

One thing you mention there, "no such thing as coincidence" when it comes to crystals - I think you are 100% correct - I had just noticed this afternoon that the ones that super-attract me at any given time turn out to encompass both health and spiritual/mental issues I happen to be dealing with at the time.

You must be exhausted - keeping up with the angels must be very hard work! But, your posts made working with Angelite sound both intriguing and exciting
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