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todays experiences....

I've spent some time this afternoon working with this crystal so I'll share here.

First I have to say this morning after logging out from AT I went to another website to get a sneek peek at next Friday's paycheck....I couldn't believe period 11

Then I don't know what possessed me to look at my two One Dollar bills....but one of them had the number 11 written on it (for whatever reason the dollar bill has a number printed on the front 4 times)

Anyway I decided to try a little meditating......first I held my stone and asked to be connected to the Angels. Then I asked the Angels to send me a sign when I need to pay special attention to a person/place/thing. I asked that it be a physical sign and nothing painful. All of a sudden I started itching......first in one spot but then in others. So I waited a minute and then asked again.....I got the same thing. So I asked my pendulum if the itching was my sign and I got a yes.

Then I asked to be connected to my guides and asked my guides the same question. The first time I felt a sensation behind my left ear but also I could feel my heart pounding just a touch faster and a very noticeable pounding. So I asked again and just got the pounding/faster heartbeat. I'm not too crazy about that sign. I didn't ask my pendulum as it's been acting funny so I had put it in the sunlight.

Then I tried my first Angel Meditation which was guided. This was to meet my guardian angel. I didn't really see anything but felt a warmth.....more so in the trunk of my body.

Before I forget I wanted to say I've noticed if I hold the Angelite in my hand it becomes the point sometimes I wipe it off. I don't usually get sweaty palms. Also if I only hold it with my fingertips then my fingertips sometimes will become sweaty. Also my piece of Angelite will become warm.

I started another meditation and closed my eyes....then the meditation stopped. So I waited a few seconds and finally opened my eyes. I could see the little circle going like it was trying to load so I checked the time on the video thinking this was a short had stopped on 1:11...the video was 10 minutes long. It finally started and then stopped again so I found another meditation.

This meditation was only music. This time I felt like (visually)I was staring up at the clouds as I could see bits of blue mixed with white and occasionally the color gold would be visable. I could feel my whole body becoming warm.

Then I started an archangel michael meditation and got so hot I felt like my whole body was sweating (all in less than a minute) so I turned it off.

I also tried another angel music meditation and again saw the white/blue with gold. And felt the warmth in my body.

So I guess the connection isn't seeing but feeling their warmth.

Now here's my weird for the day.......while I was looking at the angel meditations I saw a video with the title what is a lightworker? I started to watch it but lost interest so I googled and found a different video. The music started playing and there were different pictures with a few words written so I was reading along. I could feel my whole body vibrating....and then I started itching. And then I got tears in my eyes...over a video about lightworkers? So there was a link and I clicked on it to find out more about lightworkers. The tears started coming again along with more itching and then I could feel a lump in my throat. Just writing this I'm starting to feel the lump again.

I tried scrying again with my angelite but just felt like I was looking at fluffy clouds in the sky.
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